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Task force investigating #UCDavis Pepper Spray Incident report to be released 3/6

Guest post from Russell Neches @ryneches, PhD student in my lab "Blogging his qualifying exam"

Nice #openaccess review on the ecology of chemosynthetic symbioses from @chicaScientific & Guus Roeselers

My favorite new thing/site on the web: Download The Universe

In case you didn't hear - #openness WON - Research Works Act shelved

John Stewart takes on H1N1 on hypochondriac update

(Data driven life)^10 featuring Larry Smarr @lsmarr

PCR amplification and pyrosequencing of rpoB as complement to rRNA

Notes from my trip to #AAASMtg #EarthMicrobiomeProject #Storify

Second video of the week: Mackenzie Smith on Open Licenses

Video of the week: Rosie Redfield on the Arsenic Life story #ILoveRosie

Interesting piece by John Rennie at Smartplanet: What comes after antibiotics?

Notes for talk by Mackenzie Smith - candidate for #UCDavis University Librarian position

Antibiotic use in animals (may) lead to superbugs in people #mBIO

Slideshow w/ audio of my talk on "A Field Guide to the Microbes" from the AAAS Meeting #AAASMtg

Jack Gilbert @gilbertjacka clarifies comments at #AAASMtg re: opening windows, cleanliness & microbes

w/o a doubt the best aspect of #AAASmtg - giving my kids science schwag #GoScience

Here we go again: discouraging PR #SPAM by posting them pre-embargo: Here's one about smokeless tobacco #AAASMtg

Results of #UCDavis Faculty Resolutions released re: Katehi, Pepper Spray, #OccupyUCDavis

Calling on AAAS to Deposit all Archives of Science in Pubmed Central

Calling all phylogeneticists: Encyclopedia of Life Phylogenetic Tree Challenge

Leaked insider docs from Heartland Institute goal: "dissuading teachers from teaching science" (ps hey Scholarly Kitchen do you support this?)

Some of the more interesting papers in Pubmed Central that reference Valentine's Day

Paper out from the "Evolution in the Deep Biosphere" workshop I went to #OpenAccess

Something rotten in the Scholarly Kitchen? (Climate Change Denialism is Everywhere)

Cool paper from DerisiLab on viruses in unknown tropical febrile illnesses #metagenomics #viroarray

Trolls and flames discuss #NotSoFunny satire at the Scholarly Kitchen

Storification of Fake Science Publishing @fakeelsevier @fakeplos @realelsevier @fakeeisen @closedaccessj

Hmm ... City of Davis definition of microorganism needs work

One of the coolest things I discovered at Science Online 2012: Science Scout Stickers #scio12

Microbial metaomics discussion group this week: metatranscriptomics and biogeography

Hard to tell if this is a SPAM conference or not "4th Intntl. Science in Society Conference"

New #openaccess paper in G3 from my lab w/ many others on 'Programmed DNA elimination in Tetrahymena' #CiliatesRule

New publication from members of my lab (e.g., @ryneches) & lab of Marc Facciotti on ChIP-seq based mapping of archaeal transcription factors

New York Times "Insight Panel" - SPAM? SCAM? or just LAME? cc: @nytimes

Wanted - input on voting for resolutions for the #UCDavis Academic Senate #OccupyUCDavis

Interesting 2011 pub on origin of multicellularity in cyanobacteria

Still wondering -can UC force me to sign "patent amendment" that is "not a change in patent policy" ????

Converting repeated emails into FAQs: Today's = How to Get Figures/Details from 2009 GEBA paper

New openaccess paper from my lab on "Zorro" software for automated masking of sequence alignments

Fun visit to the #UCDavis Bohart Entomology Museum w/ my daughter's Daisy Troop (led by my wife)

Next up for Science in Congress: HR3433 - the Grant Reform and Transparency Act