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Misleading microbial headline of the month: Bacteria in Brains Suggest Alzheimer’s-Gum Disease Link

Another genomics meeting featuring men men men and men: International Forum on "Genomics, Innovation and economic growth"

Cool open science project: rOpenSci just got 180K funding boost

Worst science by press release of the year: nitrogen fixation in crops

Postdoc position in innovating scholarly communication at #UCDavis w/ me, Mario Biagioli & Mackenzie Smith

Another quick post - condoms and probiotics

Quick post - very interesting interview of Peter Suber by Richard Poynder

Do small organisms form species? New paper suggests not ...

Expansion of Academic Freedom at the University of California

Guest post from Joshua Weitz: Talking about the PI Sabbatical Beforehand: A Brief Guide for Faculty, Postdocs, and PhD Students in the Sciences

Storify-based notes on #SMBE13 session on evolution of microbes and their genomes

New paper from the Eisen lab: Sporulation phylogenetic profiling

New paper from some in the Eisen lab: phylogeny driven sequencing of cyanobacteria

Dangerous overcrowdng at the Aquarium by the Bay in San Francisco

Lies, damn lies, and press releases - trouble with recent PR about autism and microbiomes

From io9: Even more microbial art "Bacterial communities swarm into gorgeous works of art"